About Blue Umbrella efficient, transparent and reliable income tax filing service

Our Mission
Blue Umbrella's mission is to provide efficient and convenient tax support platform for international individuals and families settling for (temporary) work in the Netherlands. As an English speaking interface between the international individual and the Dutch Tax Office, it acts as a single point of contact specializing in Dutch income tax refund and childcare allowance.

Blue Umbrella services 
Blue Umbrella services are designed to offer full transparency, lack of unnecessary hassle and optimize the tax refund filing process to benefit its client. Responsive services, clear communication in plain English and a full featured personal MyBlue Login are inclusive. Over the years Blue Umbrella established a broad network of contacts within the Dutch Tax office, various Expat Centers and the Dutch childcare community. A unique position to support you and your family satisfactorily in the tax support you deserve at an affordable price.

Established tax adviser for the international community 
Blue Umbrella has over 10 years of experience serving the international community in the Netherlands. It started, in co-operation with the Dutch Tax Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a private support desk for families from diplomatic and consular missions to arrange their childcare and allowances. Blue Umbrella quickly expanded its service to international organizations such as the international criminal court and the European patent office.

Blue Umbrella observed a growing need for reliable and affordable tax support from the broader international community in the Netherlands. Clients asked for accessible, easy to use tax support service. Central in that question was to deal with the communication aspects.

Contemporary tax practice 
Blue Umbrella designed a novel online tax filing service aimed at the time-strapped international professionals facing a hard time complying with the Dutch tax regulations. Our service takes away the hassle in dealing with the Dutch Tax Office requests, often demanding a Dutch response. Blue Umbrella offers a flat tax filing fee with no hidden costs. It takes full responsibility for the correct tax filing process. If needed, Blue Umbrella will follow up with the Dutch Tax Office if further requests are issued. 

A client’s tax profile is captured in an online tax questionnaire. Blue Umbrella scans the profile against the Dutch tax code for optimal tax benefits. Qualified and experienced tax advisers review the structured tax profile and processes it further using dedicated tax systems. All relevant tax information remains accessible for clients through a unique, personal and secured web portal. Each step in the tax filing process is clearly explained and displayed to create a transparent and accessible account. Available everywhere, 24 hours per day. A unique online tax mail service completes the Dutch tax compliance assurance for the full year.   

Optimizing the Dutch tax filing service resulted in an efficient, transparent and reliable process. The cost savings achieved by the online tax information collection process allows Blue Umbrella to offer it tax filing service at a comparatively low rate.  

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