Blue Mail

Let us help you stay compliant with your tax mail


Blue Umbrella offers a unique tax mail service, we call MyBlue Mail. This service lets us receive all your physical Dutch tax letters sent by the Dutch Tax Office. Every time we receive a letter for you, we inform you, in plain English, what you need to do. A copy of the letter is saved onto your MyBlue Page login, in an archive giving you direct access to the original letters. Why risks penalties or delays in your tax procedures? We help you to stay tax compliant.     


Living abroad is exciting, but can also be confusing as it is. Interacting with the Dutch Tax Office invariably attracts a lot of tax correspondence. In hard-copy and often in confusing Dutch tax jargon. Frequently moving home complicates your communication and put your tax compliance at risk. 

What can I expect?

By serving as an intermediary between you and the Dutch Tax Office, we can take away all the administrative hassle that comes with tax matters. All your tax letters will be sent to us directly. You will receive all your Dutch tax letters online from us, with an explanation in plain English. We will immediately notify you per email in case actions are required. And when we can, we handle requests from the Dutch Tax Office directly on your behalf. It is our concern to keep you tax compliant.

With MyBlue Mail, at a monthly fee of only € 9.90 or € 99 per year, you will no longer miss tax mail - regardless your physical address - or lose any tax mail thanks to our online archive. We will remain your point of contact for the Dutch Tax Office, even after you have left the Netherlands. Wherever you are, you will always have online access to your Dutch Tax correspondence via your MyBlue Page login.