Broken Year Tax Rebate

The broken year rebate is a refund of taxes withheld in excess by your employer. This excess amount is withhold from your salary by your employer if you were not working for the full tax year in the Netherlands. Note that you need to be a resident of the Netherlands in the applicable tax year for at least 6 months.

As an expat you may experience two broken tax years; one upon arrival and one upon leaving the Netherlands. If you were employed in a broken year and you were a resident of the Netherlands during that tax year for at least 6 years you may be eligible for the broken year tax rebate. Apply for this rebate by filing your income tax return for the broken year. A recalculation of the income tax due leads to a refund of taxes paid in excess. Depending on your income and stay in the Netherlands this may lead to hundreds or even a few thousand Euro's in refund. 

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