Service fee 2023

effective as of 1 January 2023

Blue Umbrella offers various tax services to help you with Dutch tax matters and US expat tax return. Our rates are shown below in the overview.

Service fee 2022

Consumer Pay-As-You-Go

Business Subscription Packages

Tax service*Fee 1) (excl VAT)
Sole trader (zzp) business support€  75
LLC (BV) business support€  99
Partnership (VOF) business support€  114  2)
Holding company silo (two BV entity)€ 135
Director's payroll administration (DGA)€  25
* fully tax-deductible1) per month
  2) two-person VOF

A regulatory-required introductory meeting of € 105 (incl VAT) will be conducted before we can sign you up for our business accountancy service. 

Consumer Subscription Packages

Tax serviceFee (incl VAT)
Childcare allowance support€ 56 per month
Handling your postal tax mail€ 125 per year
Domestic worker payroll administration€ 85 per month

Employer Subscription Packages

Tax serviceFee (excl VAT)
Payroll Administration 2,3€  81
Payslip per additional employee 2€  11.00
Application 30 percent ruling€ 325.00
per month
3 one employee included