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Blue Day is a subscription for parents who have one or more children attending a formal daycare center (“crèche”). Blue Umbrella pays your daycare invoices, files for your childcare allowance, continuously update your allowance account for all changes related to income and childcare cost, mediates between parents and the Tax Office for all issues that may arise. After the end of the year, Blue Umbrella helps you issuing annual statements to the Tax Office.

With Blue Mail you will no longer miss tax mail, (regardless your physical address), or lose any tax mail (thanks to our online archive), and we will remain your point of contact for the Dutch Tax Office (even after you have moved back to your country of origin). Wherever you are, you will always have online access to your Dutch Tax Correspondence via your MyBlue Page.

At Blue Umbrella it is simple, straightforward and completely online. Even better, it is affordable at a flat fee for € 125 per income tax return filing (€ 175 for couples). No unpleasant surprises of billing extra hours. No matter how complex your non-business personal tax situation is.  We process all types of Dutch income tax return filings for the same price.

After you have submitted your online tax questionnaire, we will make a assessment and upload the result in a tax refund report on your MyBlue Page. After you have agreed the report we will sent it to the Tax office.

To sign up for Blue Tax return is very easy. Just create your own MyBlue login by free registering on the home page. After you have registered you can choose any service you like to have.

Blue Umbrella places an invoice on your MyBlue page for its service. The subscription amount stated on the invoice is not the amount we deduct from your bank account.  Blue Umbrella pays your childcare invoices (either from your childcare center or child minder) and receives your childcare allowance. The difference between these two, together with the invoice amount, is what we deduct from your bank account. Your subscription cost is deducted together with your childcare contribution. Blue Umbrella calls this your (net) parental contribution. See also under “your monthly contribution schema” and “what is my parental contribution?”.

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Filing your taxes quick and easy!

Filing your Dutch income tax return couldn’t be easier! Start by signing up for free. No strings attached. Seriously! Onto your personal MyBlue Page you’ll find a wealth of tools, such as our plain English tax questionnaire. Complete it at your own time and pace. When ready,  it’s our turn. We do the rest!


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