Dutch Income tax return filings 


Deferment income tax filing


Income tax filing (single person)

 €135 (incl VAT)

Income tax filing (with partner)

 €185 (incl VAT)

Income tax filing (self-employed)


Provisional income tax filing

€ 225 (€272.25 incl VAT) 


€75 (incl VAT)

Tax advisory meeting

€125 (incl VAT) 


Tax Support Packages

Childcare allowance support

 €49 (incl VAT) per month

 Tax Mail

 €99 (incl VAT) per year 

 Application 30 percent

€250 (€302.50 incl VAT)

 Payroll administration

€41.32 (€50 incl VAT) per month


Sole Trader (zzp) business support*

 €50 (excl VAT) per month

LLC (BV) and partnership (VOF) business support*

 €70 (excl VAT)* per month

LLC (BV) incl Payroll Administration business support*

 €95 (excl VAT)* per month

* Fully tax deductible 


Blue Umbrella has a long and established partnership with the Dutch Tax Office. We work directly with various tax units. In partnership with various metropolitan expat centers we help international clients to settle quickly. Contact us for more information.