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Coronavirus - support from the Dutch government 

The Dutch cabinet announced substantial precautionary measures in support of businesses and employment. These measure are aimed at mitigating economic damage due to efforts controlling the current pandemic. 

TOGS (Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Getroffen Sectoren

The TOGS program is for businesses in specific industries with less than 250 employees. A one-time - tax free - cash payment of EUR 4,000 will be provided to business owners experiencing a sudden revenue loss due the current crisis in the period 1 March - 1 June. 

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TVL (Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten)

TVL is the successor of TOGS. Businesses in the specific industries under TOGS experiencing a revenue loss of 30% or more in the period from 1 June to 1 October 2020 may receive an allowance of up to EUR 50,000 for the period 1 June to 30 September 2020. TVL covers fixed expenses (excluding payroll costs). Application for TVL can be filed with Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) until 30 October 2020. Read more.

TOZO (Tijdelijke overbruggingsregeling zelfstandig ondernemers)

TOZO 1 is a top-up income provision for small business owners who's income drop below Dutch social welfare minimum. In addition, you may apply for a bridge loan up to € 10,517.- 

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TOZO 2 is the successor of TOZO 1 for the period after 1 June. This support measure is similar to TOZO 1, but you are now only eligible if your income combined with that of your partner is not exceeding the Dutch social household minimum. Applications for TOZO 2 can be filed with your local municipality. Note: you need to file for TOZO 2 also if you already receive TOZO 1. 

NOW (Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor Werkgelegenheid)

NOW 1 is for employers who experience a revenue loss of 20% or more. For these employers up to 90% of their payroll expenses may be refunded by the UWV.  

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NOW 2 is the successor of NOW 1 for the period 1 June - 1 October. The support measure is similar to NOW 1, but now no penalty applies if an employer lay-off up to 20 employees due to financial distress. For lay-offs beyond 20 employees, agreement with unions or other type of united workers representation is required for a penalty waiver. Applications of NOW 2 can be filed as of 6 July.  

TOFA (Tijdelijke Overbruggingsregeling voor Flexibele Arbeidskrachten)

TOFA is a new support measure for freelance, temporary or flexible (zero) hours workers who are not eligible for a social welfare allowance. You should have received a gross income of € 400 or more in February 2020. Your gross wage in April 2020 should be reduced by at least 50% compared with February. Eligible flexible hour workers will receive a taxable allowance of EUR 550 per month, back-dated over the period 1 March - 1 June. Apply for TOFA support with the UWV

COL (Corona-OverbruggingsLening)

COL is a bridge loan facility for startups, scaleups and innovative SMEs, which do not own loan capital from external financiers. More information can be found here. The site offers limited information in English. Application can be filed in English.  

Expansion of fund Garantie Ondernemersfinanciering

Businesses struggling to obtain a loan guarantee for a bank loan may apply for the Garantie Ondernemersfinanciering. The ceiling for loan guarantees is temporarily raised to EUR 150 M. 

Childcare expenses fully reimbursed

During the childcare restriction period from 16 March to 8 June, parents are fully reimbursed for their childcare expenses by the Dutch tax office and their childcare provider. All childcare provisions are re-opened as of 8 June. The extra reimbursement for childcare expenses terminated after 8 June.   

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Extension of tax payment due dates and reduced charges

Business owners and sole trader can apply for an extension of their tax payment due date. This measures applies to any type of tax (wage tax, VAT, profit tax, income tax). Late payment fees and interest charges will be waived by the Dutch tax office during this period. 

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Temporary relaxation of certain tax provisions

The Dutch cabinet announced additional measures to support business owners. The following temporary tax relaxations are announced. 

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