Farewell for the giro collection forms

The Dutch tax office used to send some 30 million giro collection forms (acceptgiro) every year, but that is about to change. It will remain possible to pay taxes this way until June 1, 2023. After that, this option will disappear. Instead, the tax office will start sending out letters with payment information detailing exactly how you can pay. 


Due to more and more citizens and businesses paying via the internet or mobile banking in recent years, banks will no longer process the giro collection forms from June 1, 2023. To prepare for this, the Dutch Tax Office started looking for a good alternative a few years ago. Eventually, they decided to go for detailed payment information.

This payment information was for the first time included with tax return letters for the provisional income tax assessment in 2021. When it was announced November 1, 2021, that the giro collection forms would disappear for good, the process of adjusting the letters and all systems was accelerated.

Paying on paper

Now that the giro collection form has disappeared, people who prefer to do their banking on paper will still be able to do so in most cases. They can do this by copying the details of the payment information onto their bank's transfer card. However, to use this procedure, you must have a bank account in the Netherlands.

Don't let giro acceptance forms lying around

In mid-April, the Tax Office sent out the last giro acceptance form. Anyone who received such a form in recent weeks can still use this until June 1, 2023. Forms that arrive at the bank after May 31, 2023, can unfortunately no longer be processed. The Dutch Tax Office therefore asks payers not to leave the giro collection forms lying around. If anyone does send a form late to their bank, most likely, they will be contacted by their bank about this.