Pay taxes quickly and easily with iDEAL

Easy and fast payment with iDEAL is a long-cherished wish of both the Dutch Tax Office and the public. The Dutch Tax Office considers it important for people to be able to arrange their tax and benefits matters quickly and easily. Payment with iDEAL is already well-known and established in the Dutch payment systems. On the Pay- and Receive overview, payment with iDEAL is now available.

This means that private taxpayers (and in the future companies) who want to pay any amount, can do so directly from their personal overview. This ensures a lot of payment convenience, because the amount, including collection interest, and the payment reference no longer needs to be copied manually. Not only will iDEAL make paying this way a lot faster and easier, but it also saves a lot of paperwork and at the same time reduces the risk of errors.

For taxes and benefits

Payment with iDEAL is possible for income tax, health care insurance, rent, childcare and health care benefits, and the child budget. More and more funds will be added in the coming years. For VAT return (sales tax) it has been possible to pay via this method for some time now.