Dutch Tax Matters

Living and working in the Netherlands for a time? We can help you with your Dutch taxes, so you don't have to deal with the Belastingdienst yourself. Whether you're employed or have a small business, we'll make your life easier and save you money.

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Income Tax Return

When you're employed

Are you employed in the Netherlands or do you receive a benefit? Every year you’ll have to fill in your tax declaration in order to receive your income tax refund. Having difficulties with filing your Dutch taxes? 

Let us do the work for you. Let us apply for your Dutch tax refund.


Business Tax support

When you own a small business

Our small business package is designed for the international self-employed and the small business owner. We file your VAT and ICP, corporate tax, income tax and payroll tax. You get unlimited access to our tax advisers. We provide you with the financial tools so you can focus on your core business.


The 30 percent ruling

Obtain 30 percent of your salary tax free

The 30 percent ruling is a tax exemption available for international employees who move to the Netherlands or expats who currently work in the Netherlands. You need the Dutch Tax Office’s permission to apply for this tax exemption. To obtain this permission, both you and your employer should submit an application.


Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration for your staff made simple

Whether you employ staff in the Netherlands as a Dutch or foreign registered business, employ yourself as director owner of a business (DGA), or hire a domestic servant as a private person, you are required to provide payslips, maintain a payroll administration and file your monthly payroll taxes. A sheer complex task we can do for you against a competitive rate.


Childcare Allowance

Benefit optimally from childcare subsidies

The Dutch government provides substantial subsidies to lower the costs of formal childcare. These subsidies are known as the childcare allowance ('kinderopvangtoeslag'). It can lower your childcare cost up top 80%. Obtaining and maintaining the allowance can be utterly complex. We can apply and maintain this childcare subsidy for you.


Dutch Tax Mail

Stay connected with the Dutch Tax Office

The Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) sends you letters to your last known address. After you've moved on, missing these letter can lead to expensive penalties and missing out on refunds. For just € 125 per year, we'll email you the information and requests from the Belastingdienst in plain English, and you'll be able to view the original paper letter online.


Super efficient and affordable tax advisor. I couldn’t be happier. Blue Umbrella was recommended by a friend and I would recommend them to anybody.

Since 2008 we've helped over 50,000 people file their Dutch taxes

Blue Umbrella’s mission is to offer the international community in the Netherlands a reliable, accurate and affordable support platform for Dutch tax matters. Our services are designed to help internationals navigate the Dutch tax system with ease and confidence. We provide information, support and tools to help internationals handle various Dutch tax requirements, such as filing income tax, sales tax, international sales tax, payroll tax and corporate tax. Blue Umbrella positioned itself as the English language interface between the international individual or business and the Dutch Tax Office.