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Expat in The Netherlands

For newcomers to the Netherlands, we provide information in this section from settling to leaving. You'll also find answers about your payslip and wage tax. Go to Expat in The Netherlands.

Income Tax Return

This section answers frequently asked questions we receive from our international visitors.  We have made a selection of topics relevant for internationals who have a Dutch or U.S. tax obligation. Ranging from income tax and international taxation to deductible expenditure is covered in this section. Go to Income Tax Return.

Business Tax Support

This section of the FAQ is for self-employed and business owners. It informs you about important topics around VAT,  ICP, profit taxation and payroll taxes. Go to Business Tax support.

30% ruling

If you come to work in the Netherlands, you are possibly confronted with extra costs, so-called extraterritorial costs. Your employer may grant you a free (untaxed) reimbursement for the extraterritorial costs that you incur. Your employer may also provide you with 30% of your wage, including reimbursement, tax-free. This facility is known as the 30%-facility. Go to 30% ruling.

U.S. Expat Tax Return

This section answers frequently asked questions from our international visitors. The topics are relevant to internationals who need to pay tax in the Netherlands range from income tax and international taxation to deductible expenses. We have outlined some of the things that you should consider. Go to U.S. Expat Tax Return.

Childcare Allowance

In this section, you find information about Dutch childcare, health care insurance costs, and rent allowance. Go to Childcare Allowance.

Blue Umbrella Service

This section informs you about the specific services Blue Umbrella provides. We offer a broad range of services, all centered around Dutch tax matters. Whether you seek answers on retrieving subsidy for childcare, need a helping hand managing your tax office correspondence, filing your income tax return or seeking small business tax support, you'll find the most important answers here.  Go to Blue Umbrella Service.

Blue Umbrella for Dutch tax matters

Living and working in the Netherlands for a time? We can help you with your Dutch taxes, so you don't have to deal with the Belastingdienst yourself. Whether you're employed or own a business, we'll make your life easier and save you money.