A1 form or certificate of coverage

An A1 form or certificate of coverage states that an employee remains insured for social security coverage in another country than the work country of employee. If issued by the Netherlands (by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank or SVB, a state body) employees remain covered for Dutch social security while working temporarily outside the Netherlands. To work outside of the Netherlands under this condition, most countries require such a statement.

Employees or self-employed persons can only apply for an A1 or certificate of coverage if he or see is going to work temporarily in a country of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or in a treaty country (such as Australia, Canada, India, Japan, U.S. among others).

How to apply for a Dutch certificate of coverage

A Dutch certificate of coverage is issued by the SVB (Sociale Verzekeringbank). You need to login to the SVB portal using your DigiD account to apply for a certificate of coverage. You may provide a power of attorney to a third party to help apply for the certificate.  Your employer can also use a downloadable application form or use a TWinternet account from the SVB. 

Expiring of your Dutch certificate of coverage

Your A1 or certificate of coverage remains valid until the employee returns for work to the Netherlands or if the employee is reassigned from the country of secondment to a third country. 

Make sure you apply timely for the certificate of coverage to avoid administrative hassle   

U.S. issued certificate of coverage

If a Social Security agreement assigns coverage of the employee's work to the United States, the Social Security Administration issues a U.S. Certificate of Coverage. The certificate serves as proof that the employee and employer are exempt from the payment of Social Security taxes to the foreign country.

U.S. employers have traditionally used regular mail and fax to request certificates of coverage for their expatriate employees. Now, employers and self-employed individuals can request certificates on line.

You may access the online Certificate of Coverage service at opts.ssa.gov. If you would like instructions or require assistance with the use of the online forms, please contact the Social Security Administration's Office of Earnings and International Operations by phone at (410) 965-7306, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern U.S. time.

If you have questions or comments regarding certificates of coverage, you can reach us via email at certificate@ssa.gov, or fax (410) 966-1861 or by writing to the following address:

Social Security Administration

Office of Earnings and International Operations

P.O. Box 17741

Baltimore, MD 21235-7741

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