Leaving the Netherlands

Leaving the Netherlands? Sorry to see you go! Don't forget to de-register from the civil registry (BRP) at the municipality you were lately living. At the civil registry, you will also be asked to leave your new (foreign) address. The Dutch tax office needs your new address to contact you for tax settlements over your last period in the Netherlands. 

Have the Dutch tax office stay in contact with you

Alternatively, if you don't want to risk losing contact with the Dutch tax office, sign up for our Blue Tax Mail service. We'll ask the Tax Office to forward your blue, red or green tax envelopes to us so we can make these available on your online portal. We inform you per e-mail every time the Dutch tax office sends a letter to you.

Leaving the Netherlands - do I need to contact the IND?

No. The IND just deals with immigration affairs. For emigration affairs, you need to contact the embassy of the country into which you want to emigrate.