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The Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst) still sends important tax information and requests per domestic mail in typical blue tax envelopes. You can easily lose track of the correspondence with the Dutch tax office when changing from home address, both inside and outside the Netherlands. Missing these letters can lead to expensive penalties and missing out on refunds. For just €125 per year, we'll be your blue envelope repository so you never have to worry about your tax correspondence. We simply email you the information and requests from the Belastingdienst. Translate it into plain English and advise you what to do. The original paper letters we post on your online and secure Blue Page.

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Avoid expensive penalties. Staying connected.

Moving? Freshly arrived in the Netherlands? Leaving the Netherlands? All potential risks for getting disconnected with the Dutch Tax Office. Information requests and  important updates are sent to you by regular mail to the last address known by the Dutch Tax Office. Not having received a tax letter is no valid excuse for the Dutch Tax Office. Penalties and missed refunds are one of the more costly results.

Fortunately there is an easy and cost effective way to stay tax compliant. For only €125,- per year we keep you connected with the Dutch Tax Office. Wherever you move, inside or outside of the Netherlands, your online Dutch tax mail will follow you. We send you – in plain English and per email – personal and important requests from the Dutch Tax Office.  A copy of the original Tax Office letter will be placed into a virtual P.O. box on your MyBlue Page.

Not only will you avoid missing deadlines and expensive tax penalties. You will also have a clear understanding of requests from the Dutch Tax Office, since we translate the letters in plain English. Even if you master a reasonable level of Dutch, you risk misinterpreting the message. Our Tax Mail service avoids any of these risks. And if you still have questions about Dutch Tax Office request, just ask us! We are here to help you and advise you on your situation. Reassurance at no additional cost.

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Stay connected to the Dutch Tax Office, wherever you move.
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I’ve used their tax service for a few years now. It’s all done online with clear steps to follow. They process documents quickly and everything so far has gone seamlessly. Would recommend!

Since 2008 we've helped over 50,000 people file their dutch taxes

Blue Umbrella’s mission is to offer the international community in the Netherlands a reliable, accurate and affordable support platform for Dutch tax matters. Our services are designed to help internationals navigate the Dutch tax system with ease and confidence. We provide information, support and tools to help internationals handle various Dutch tax requirements, such as filing income tax, sales tax, international sales tax, payroll tax and corporate tax. Blue Umbrella positioned itself as the English language interface between the international individual or business and the Dutch Tax Office. Read more about us.