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You're probably due an income tax refund

If you are employed in the Netherlands or receive unemployment benefits, taxes are withheld from your payments by your employer or benefits agency. Every year you need to fill in a tax declaration to reclaim any overpaid tax.

Filing your income tax can be complicated and doing your taxes in a foreign country is even more of a challenge. Don’t despair! If you are having difficulties, we are here to help. We are happy to file your Dutch income tax return, whether you have just migrated to the Netherlands, are resident for a full tax year, or have already left. All for the same low fixed fee and with no surprises. 

Register free and complete our plain English, easy-to-use, online tax form in less than half an hour. We will check your tax data, optimize it and apply the appropriate tax code. We'll send you the tax return results, accurately and in good time, in a report including a detailed break-down and all in English, so you can verify the results. If you approve, we'll file your income tax return with the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). If you have overpaid, you can expect to receive a refund but if you have tax to pay, the Dutch tax office will send you a bill. 

If you want to estimate how much income tax you owe in the Netherlands, fill in our tax calculator below.

If you are entitled to a tax credit or a tax refund due to being resident for a partial tax year, deductible items such as the mortgage rebate, study expenses (up to 2020), medical expenses, or special childcare expenses, file an income tax return with us to receive your refund. 

Provisional income tax filing

If you are entitled to a refund for the current year and you would like to receive your refund early, file for a provisional tax refund with us. The provisional tax filing facilty can also be used for early tax payment. For more information, visit our provisional tax filing page.

Income Tax Return Calculator

Childcare allowance

The Dutch government provides comprehensive subsidies to lower the costs of formal childcare. These subsidies are known as the childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) and they can lower your childcare bill by up to 80%. Obtaining and maintaining this allowance can be incredibly complex so we offer a quick and simple service to do it for you.

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Dutch tax mail

The Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) sends you letters to your last known address. After you've moved on, missing these letters can lead to expensive penalties and missing out on refunds. For just €125 per year, we'll email you the information and requests from the Belastingdienst in plain English, and you'll be able to view the original paper letter online.

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Payroll administration

Whether you employ staff, employ yourself as main director of a business (DGA), or hire a domestic servant, you are required to provide payslips, maintain a payroll administration and file your monthly payroll taxes. 
A sheer complex task we can do for you for a very competitive rate.

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30% tax ruling

The 30% tax ruling is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands. Once an expat meets the required conditions, the employer can grant their employee a tax free allowance of 30% of the salary. Have Blue Umbrella inform you about the conditions you must meet and if you are eligable for the 30% tax ruling.

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Tax return Netherlands

The Dutch tax office is known as the Belastingdienst and letters come in a recognisable blue envelope. The service will normally let you know by post if you need to fill in a tax return in the Netherlands, for example, if you are self employed. Even if it does not, it might be to your advantage to investigate if you can file a tax return to access certain tax benefits.

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