Service fee

effective as of 1 January 2022

Blue Umbrella offers various tax services to help you with Dutch tax matters and US expat tax return. Our rates are shown below in the overview.

Consumer Pay-As-You-Go

Business Subscription Packages

Tax service*Fee1 (excl VAT)
Sole trader (zzp) business support€  68
LLC (BV) business support€  89
Partnership (VOF) business support€ 103
Holding company silo (two BV entity)€ 145
Director's payroll administration (DGA)€  26
* fully tax deductible1 per month

  • A regulatory required introductory meeting of € 95.00 will be conducted before we can sign you up for our business accountancy service. 

Consumer Subscription Packages

Tax serviceFee (incl VAT)
Childcare allowance support€ 51 per month
Handling your postal tax mail€ 109 per year
Domestic worker payroll administration€ 89 per month

Employer Subscription Packages

Tax serviceFee (excl VAT)
Payroll Administration2,3€  74
Payslip per additional employee2€  10
Application 30 percent ruling€ 295
2 per month
3 one employee included