Childcare Allowance

The Dutch government provides substantial subsidies to lower the costs of formal childcare. These subsidies are known as the childcare allowance (‘kinderopvangtoeslag’). It can lower your childcare cost up to 80%. Obtaining and maintaining the allowance can be utterly complex. We can apply and maintain this childcare subsidy for you.

Childcare allowance is available for parents who are (temporarily) working or studying in the Netherlands, irrespective of nationality or type of childcare they choose to use; daycare, after-school care, and childminders. Childcare allowance is also available for tax exempt residents, for example diplomats and employees of international organizations.

Blue Childcare is designed to help you finance your childcare costs and benefit optimally from the available childcare subsidies.

Blue Childcare is a full life cycle  service concept:

  • We apply for your childcare subsidy
  • We manage your entire childcare subsidy life cycle
  • We act as an intermediary between the Dutch Tax office (that only communicates in Dutch) and yourself
  • We handle your end-of-year allowance filings
  • We handle all correspondence with the Dutch tax office (see Tax Mail)
  • We provide free legal support to restore reclaimed allowance money
  • Including other allowances and benefits such as health care allowance, rent allowance, and child benefit (‘kinderbijslag’) from the SVB

Use our childcare allowance calculator to find out how much you can save on your childcare costs!