Business accountancy tax support

Flat fee subscription starting from €78 (excl. VAT) per month

All-inclusive business tax support package

Our set-price business tax support package has everything you need to run your business successfully in the Netherlands. A tax consultant is there to offer advice, we will take care of your VAT and ICP declarations each quarter and translate any letters you get from the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax office). Your business administration will be stored in a handy portal, and you can also use our professional software for all of your invoicing needs. 

 Want to know what we can do for your business? Sign up for free and you will receive an email with more details about our business tax support package and telling you how to plan an intake meeting. At this meeting, which costs just €105, we will discuss how our business tax support package will work for your business and some initial, personalized advice. 

Tax support for your business

Starting a business is a rewarding but life-changing process. You will face important questions and it can be a challenge to find the answers, especially if you are unfamiliar with Dutch business regulations. How should you set up payroll? What costs are tax-deductible? How should you organise international VAT payments? And most importantly: how do you do the right thing in your specific circumstances, and avoid future headaches and fines? This is where Blue Umbrella for Business can help. We free you up to invest your time in what matters: building your company. 

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 Business tax advisory 

Prior to starting with the business tax support Blue Umbrella will have an intake meeting in which we will discuss the tax position of the owner and the business. From this we will work onward to optimize and help your business from a tax point of view. For an active subscriber, you also have unlimited access to the Business department for your business-related tax questions, no additional fees for working hours or contact points will be charged. As mentioned before Blue Umbrella works with a fixed fee per month.