Tax forms in the Netherlands

Types of tax form

There used to be far more tax forms in the Netherlands, but nowadays there are three that you are most likely to come across as a private individual. These are the tax forms you need to know about. 

P-form (in Dutch, P-formulier)

The P-form, for private individuals rather than businesses, is the most common type of income tax return. This is the standard declaration of your income tax if you are a normal resident here, with no relevant changes to your status in the year. It’s not particularly complicated and can be filled out via the Dutch tax office Belastingdienst website, if you have the necessary DigiD. 

Even if you do not have an invitation from the Dutch tax office to fill in a tax return, you can file this one online. It might be in your interest to claim benefits such as a rebate on interest paid on your mortgage, tax advice costs or certain bills connected with buying a house. 

M-form (in Dutch, M-aangifte)

The M-form is used when your migration status changed during the Dutch tax year, which runs from 1 January to 31 December. This means that you spent part of the tax year as a Dutch resident. If you had a job, you were probably taxed as though you were here for the full year, so it may be in your interests to fill in this form because then you will probably get a refund on what you have overpaid. 

Beware! The tax office does not automatically know that you may need an M-form and you cannot fill this in yourself via the tax office website. The only way to do this yourself is using a 59-page booklet, all in Dutch and with all of the guidance in Dutch. Blue Umbrella can file this for you using our own software. 

C-form (in Dutch, C-formulier)

This tax declaration form is less commonly used and is for people who have a foreign tax obligation (in Dutch, who are buitenlands belastingplichtig). This might apply to you if you are studying in the Netherlands but officially reside somewhere else, if you have a job here for only some of the time but pay your social security contributions and taxes elsewhere, or if you only have property here. 

The C-form is one of the online tax forms that you can do yourself but it is more tricky. You might want to add more information that will be in your favour. Blue Umbrella can help! 

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