Income from other activities

Income from other activities (inkomsten uit overige werkzaamheden) is a special category for the Dutch tax office. It indicated that the income is not derived from entrepreneurship (company or self-employment). Neither should the income be derived from employment (loondienst). Usually, this type of income from incidental or temporary activities. 

Income derived from this type of work (inkomsten uit overige werkzaamheden) may to be reported to the Dutch tax office. This  also applies for travel cost reimbursement received alongside income received. Income received from help provided to - say - family or friends to compensate for expenses do not need to be reported to the Dutch tax office.  

If your income from other activities is negative (i.e. your expenses are higher than the income received) and you expect this to remain unchanged? Likely the activities are hobby or family related. These you do not need to report to the Dutch tax office. 

You may need to pay contribution for the health care insurance act. 

Blue Umbrella for Dutch tax matters

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