This tax declaration form is less commonly used but if you primarily pay taxes in another country, then this is the form for you. 

The ‘C’  in C-form (in Dutch, C-formulier) is thought to stem from the fact that the forms were once alphabetically ordered, so the ‘C’ doesn’t stand for anything in particular. This is actually for people with a foreign tax obligation or buitenlands belastingplichtig.  

If you are studying in the Netherlands but have residency status in another country, or if you have a job here part-time but pay your social security contributions and taxes elsewhere, this will apply to you. It may also apply if you simply have property here but live in another country. 

You can do this tax form yourself online but it might be in your interests to consult an expert since adding more information might lead to more deductions. Ask Blue Umbrella for advice!