Dutch and U.S. income tax returns

Blue Umbrella provides a quick and easy online tax questionnaire for filing your income tax return. All our forms are in plain English. Completing the tax questionnaire is completely free of charge. Ready to file? For our low, fixed fee, a professional and qualified tax adviser will be assigned to your file to review, correct and complete the income tax return filing process for you. Try it!

Filing your Dutch and U.S. income tax return

Blue Umbrella can prepare and file income tax returns for the Dutch tax office and for the U.S. IRS. We have specialized tax advisers for both. We use online tax questionnaires to collect the relevant tax information. There is no charge unless you decide to use our services.

When you have submitted your details and paid the applicable fee, we assign a Dutch or US tax adviser to review your questionnaire. We may contact you for additional information to complete or optimize your income tax return. Once we have received the requested information, you'll receive a detailed tax filing report in English on your MyBlue page to review. After you have approved the report online, we will file your Dutch and/or U.S. income tax return in approximately 1-2 working days. 

What is Blue tax return?

At Blue Umbrella, everything is simple, straightforward and completely online. Even better, it is affordable: we have a fixed fee for each income tax return filing. You will have no unpleasant surprises or bills for extra hours, no matter how complex your (non-business) personal tax situation. We process all types of Dutch income tax return filings for the same price.

I'd like to sign up for Blue tax return. How does it work?

It’s easy to sign up for the Blue tax return. Just create your own MyBlue login by registering free on the home page. After you have registered, you can choose the services you would like.

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