Blue childcare

Blue Day is a subscription for parents who have one or more children attending a formal daycare center ('crèche'), preschool or in-home childcare. Blue Umbrella handles all financial and tax administration, including with your childcare providers. For nannies and living-in childcare providers, we offer dedicated payroll allowance packages with childcare allowance arrangements. All administration and communication in one hand!

What is Blue Childcare?

Our Blue Childcare Service will help you find a childcare provider and will assist you with the paperwork. We will pay the invoices directly to your childcare provider and we will apply for childcare allowance on your behalf. The monthly fee will be collected from your account after you have recieved the childcare allowance from the Dutch Tax Office.

I'd like to sign up for Blue Childcare. How does it work?

To sign up for Blue Childcare is very easy. Just create your own MyBlue page by free registering on the home page. After you have registered you can choose any service you like to have.

To sign up for the Blue Childcare subscription, you have to agree with the Blue Umbrella terms and conditions. You receive an agreement which we need you to sign.

Once we have received your signed agreement, Blue Umbrella starts to file for your childcare allowance. We will contact your childcare center and let them know that they can charge us for your childcare cost. You receive from us a notification for your parental contribution.

I have a blue childcare subscription. What does blue umbrella do for this subscription?

Blue Day is a subscription for parents who have one or more children attending a formal daycare center. Blue Umbrella pays your daycare invoices, files for your childcare allowance, continuously update your allowance account for all changes related to income and childcare cost, mediates between parents and the Tax Office for all issues that may arise. After the end of the year, Blue Umbrella helps you issuing annual statements to the Tax Office.

The amount Blue Umbrella deductibles for Blue Childcare each month from my bank account does not match the Blue Umbrella invoice. Why is that?

Blue Umbrella places an invoice on your MyBlue page for its service. The subscription amount stated on the invoice is not the amount we deduct from your bank account.  Blue Umbrella pays your childcare invoices (either from your childcare center or child minder) and receives your childcare allowance. The difference between these two, together with the invoice amount, is what we deduct from your bank account. Your subscription cost is deducted together with your childcare contribution. Blue Umbrella calls this your (net) parental contribution. 

Childcare allowance calculator

The Dutch childcare allowance is available for all forms of formal childcare; Daycare, afterschool care and home-based childcare. All forms of childcare, including home-based childcare, should be registered with the national childcare register LRKP. (landelijk register kinderopvang) in order to receive childcare allowance. Depending on your (family) income, number of working hours, type of childcare and age of your children an amount of childcare allowance can be retrieved from the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst/toeslagen).  Irrespective of your (family) income, allowance is available for every family with formal childcare. 

Childcare Allowance Calculator

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