Dutch Tax Mail Service

The Dutch tax office sends important information requests per regular letter in a typical blue envelop to your home address. For instance, a request to file your income tax return, VAT return or other tax matters. Changes are that you are not receiving the blue envelop if your residential address is not updates with your local municipality. Or - if you moved out of the country - you failed to inform the Dutch tax office of your new address location. Even if you receive the blue envelope, you might not understand the letter as it is usually stated in Dutch, written in fairly technically language. This all may lead to not being tax compliant and possibly accruing administration and fines. Therefore, we have set-up a blue tax mail service that let us receive the Dutch tax mail letter on your behalf. 

Blue Tax Mail service

Moving? Freshly arrived in the Netherlands? Leaving the Netherlands? All potential risks for getting disconnected with the Dutch Tax Office. Information requests and  important updates are sent to you by regular mail to the last address known by the Dutch Tax Office. Not having received a tax letter is no valid excuse for the Dutch Tax Office. Penalties and missed refunds are one of the more costly results.

Fortunately there is an easy and cost effective way to stay tax compliant. For only €99,- per year we keep you connected with the Dutch Tax Office. Wherever you move, inside or outside of the Netherlands, your online Dutch tax mail will follow you. We send you – in plain English and per email – personal and important requests from the Dutch Tax Office .  A copy of the original Tax Office letter will be placed into a virtual P.O. box on your MyBlue Page.

Not only will you avoid missing deadlines and expensive tax penalties. You will also having a clear understanding of requests from the Dutch Tax Office, since we translate the letters in plain English. Even if you master a reasonable level of Dutch, you risk misinterpreting the message. Our Tax Mail service avoids any of these risks. And if you still have questions about Dutch Tax Office request, just ask us! We are here to help you and advise you on your situation. Reassurance at no additional cost.

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