Payroll administration

Blue Umbrella provides payroll administration for employers. owner-director (DGA), private employers and employers not established in the Netherlands. We provide payslips to employees, provide support for employment contracts, maintain contact with the Dutch tax office, provide guiding to stay compliant with Dutch regulations. These are all wrapped in our monthly fixed fee support package Blue Payroll or included in our Small Business Support package. 

Payroll administration services

Our payroll administration service includes the following:

  • monthly salary statements for your staff
  • annual income statement for your staff
  • income tax filing for your staff
  • liaise with the Dutch Tax Office on your behalf
  • registration as employer with the Dutch Tax Office
  • holiday pay
  • Blue Umbrella pays the payroll tax to the Dutch Tax Office
  • templates for employment agreements
  • Blue Tax Mail service included
  • Leave day registration and more

Payroll administration for small businesses

For small business owners we offer payroll administration with a number of HR related functions to support your international staff.  Employment on basis of hourly registration, commission and bonus are included. We offer a mandatory HR network support facility for you staff member to register, monitor and assist employees on sick leave. Included in our service is the provision of labor law compliant contracts for your staff.

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Domestic employment services

If you hire someone for domestic work at your home, you can be exempted from the standard Dutch labor law requirements, such as paying wage taxes for your domestic worker. This opting-out clause, defined by the regulations, Dienstverlening aan huis, requires that you hire someone for less than 4 days per week, irrespective of the number of hours per day you hire domestic services.

For example, if you hire a nanny for 3 days or less per week privately at your home, you do not need to withhold wage taxes, provide payslips or annual income statement. Your nanny is not an employee. You just pay your nanny the agreed fee, you do not need to make arrangements with the Dutch Tax Office. Please note that the money your nanny receives classifies as income before tax. Your nanny is required to report her income to the Dutch Tax Office at the end of the year, by filing income tax. Your nanny subsequently receives a tax bill from the Dutch Tax Office. To find out how much tax your nanny is due, check our tax calculator.

To apply for the domestic services regulation, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You hire someone for services in or around your home
  • You hire someone in the capacity of a private person
  • You hire a private person for less than 4 days per week, irrespective of the number of hours

Payroll administration for non-Dutch Employers

For businesses employing staff working in the Netherlands, the Dutch payroll administration requirements apply equally to businesses registered in the Netherlands. However, as employer, you are not required to register your business in the Netherlands to employ staff in the Netherlands. We can arrange for your Dutch payroll administration as a non-Dutch employer. 

Blue Umbrella for Dutch tax matters

Living and working in the Netherlands for a time? We can help you with your Dutch taxes, so you don't have to deal with the Belastingdienst yourself. Whether you're employed or have a small business, we'll make your life easier and save you money.