Childcare allowance

The Dutch government provides substantial subsidies to lower the costs of formal childcare. These subsidies are known as the childcare allowance (‘kinderopvangtoeslag’). It can lower your childcare costs by up to 80%. Obtaining and maintaining the allowance can be utterly complex. 

Both parents need to work or study

To qualify for the Dutch childcare allowance, both parents need to work and receive a gainful income, study at a recognized Dutch educational institute or university. The norm for qualifying educational institute is set by the Dutch Ministry of Education (OCW). If you participate in a work program from the UWV or former employer you may also qualify. Self-employer persons, irrespective of their income,  also qualify. 

Registered childcare

Your childcare provider (daycare, afterschool care, preschool or home-based childcare) should be registered with the national childcare registrar (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang or LRK). 

Employees of an international treatment organisation, diplomatic mission and consular post

Employees of International Organisation, staff of a diplomatic mission or consular post may qualify for the Dutch childcare allowance. If you and your partner or spouse, living with you at the same address, are engaged in a gainful occupation and you make use of formal childcare in the Netherlands you can apply for an allowance. Contact our Blue Umbrella staff for more information.

Childcare allowance calculator

Try our English childcare allowance calculator to find out how much you can save on your childcare cost. 

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