Health care cost allowance

Health care cost allowance ('zorgtoeslag') is a subsidy from the state for your mandatory costs of a Dutch health care cost insurance. The allowance is available for low income residents with a Dutch health care cost insurance.  

Conditions health care cost allowance

If you pay premium to a Dutch health care cost insurer you may qualify for health care allowance. The main conditions are:

  • you are 18 years old and over
  • you have a Dutch health care cost insurance
  • you are a Dutch national or you have a valid residence permit
  • your (combined partner) income does not exceed a set maximum (see under annual limits for health care allowance)
  • your (combined partner) assets do not exceed a set maximum (see under annual limits health care allowance)

Income ceiling for the health care allowance

Annually, the Dutch parliament sets eligibility ceilings for the health care allowance. These ceilings are listed below.

The ceilings as of the 1st of January of applicable year:

YearIncome ceilingIncome ceiling with partnerMax assets Max assets with partner combined
2020€ 30,481€ 38,945€ 116,613€ 147,459
2019€ 29,562€ 37885€ 114,776

 € 145,136

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