Health care allowance

The health care allowance ('zorgtoeslag') is a state subsidy towards the costs of a Dutch health care insurance plan. It is mandatory to have this kind of insurance in the Netherlands. The allowance is available for residents on a low income.    


The main conditions are:
  • you are at least 18 years old 
  • you have a Dutch health care insurance
  • you are a Dutch national or you have a valid residence permit
  • your  income (jointly with your fiscal partner) does not exceed a set maximum (see  below)
  • your assets (jointly with your fiscal partner) do not exceed a set maximum (see below)

Income ceiling

The Dutch parliament sets eligibility ceilings each year for the health care allowance. 

The ceilings as of 1 January of the applicable year are:

YearIncome ceilingIncome ceiling with partnerMax assets Max assets with partner combined


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