Childcare allowance during the corona situation 

As of 16 March, if you are not working in a vital sector, you are asked to stay home. Your childcare provider and school is asked to restrict access to children whom parent(s) are working in a vital sector. 

What about the cost of childcare?

As of 16 March, you may not be allowed to take your child(ren) to your childcare provider. You are required to continue paying your childcare provider as usually. Measures are taken to compensate you for the childcare expenses, including the parental contribution. 

Compensation of your childcare expenses

Compensation in childcare expenses is available for parents who are using formal childcare and continue to pay their childcare cost during this childcare restriction period. Compensation is also provided to parents working in a vital sector for whom children may continue to receive childcare. 

The Dutch tax office compensates childcare provider's expenses normally not reimbursed through the childcare allowance (parental contribution) up to the hourly cost ceiling. Expenses beyond the hourly cost ceiling (maximum hourly rate) will be reimbursed by your childcare provider. In turn, your childcare provider will be compensated by the Dutch government for these expenses. 

When is normal childcare resumed?

Until further notice, the current childcare access is restricted until 6 April 2020. This also applies to formal in-home childcare (gastouder) at your home. 

What are the rules for sole traders?

For sole trader parents the same rules applies as for employed parents. Your childcare provider cannot take your child(ren) unless you work in a vital sector. 

I am using flexible in-home childcare (gastouderopvang), What applies to my situation?

The same rules as for any childcare provider applies to in-home childcare providers (gastouders). If your childcare hours fluctuates on - say - a weekly basis, continue to pay your in-home childcare provider (gastouder) on the basis of a representative monthly average hours. 

Do I have to pay my parental contribution as well?

You are required to continue to pay your full childcare invoice. Your regular childcare invoice includes a portion not reimbursed through the childcare allowance (parental contribution). Do not withhold this from your regular invoice. In summary:

  • Continue to pay your childcare invoice in full
  • You remain entitled to the Dutch childcare allowance
  • No need to report change to the Dutch tax office, unless you income details changes 
  • Your childcare placement with your childcare provider remains preserved
  • The Dutch tax office will reimburse your parental contribution (amount normally not reimbursed by the Dutch tax office) as well
  • Your childcare provider reimburses the invoice amount beyond the hourly rate ceiling for the childcare allowance
  • After being refunded by the Dutch tax office and your childcare provider you are left with no childcare expenses during the period 16 March and 6 April
  • Check your childcare allowance and parental contribution with our childcare allowance calculator 

Can I terminate my childcare provider's contract?

You can terminate the contract with your childcare provider. The Dutch cabinet recommends you not to do this unless you have no longer need for childcare beyond the current restriction period. You can expect to be fully reimbursed by the Dutch tax office and your childcare provider. This way, you preserve the placement with your current childcare provider. 

Due to the current corona situation I work less hours. Does this affect my childcare allowance entitlement?

Your childcare allowance entitlement is not affected. Although your working hours may be reduced due the current corona situation, your childcare allowance entitlement remains unchanged. If you lost your job, you continue to be entitled to childcare for another three months. If you are registered for Tijdelijke noodmaatregel overbrugging voor werkbehoud (NOW) and continue to receive your full pay, your childcare allowance entitlement remains unchanged.