File your special COVID tax payment delay before 1 October 2020 

For small businesses, the Dutch tax office accepts request for delayed tax payments. This delay applies to all state tax forms (duties, VAT, profit tax, income tax, payroll tax).  

File you tax payment delay request by 1 October 2020 

If you need more time to pay your business tax dues due to the current corona situation, you can request for a tax payment delay. The Dutch tax office accepts applications for tax payment delays till 1 October 2020. Both first time requests and requests for extension of a prior 3-month payment delay application can be filed with the Dutch tax office.  

Hardly any charges applied to a tax payment delay request 

The Dutch tax office hardly charges any costs for back taxes. The regular Interest charges has been lowered from 4 percent to 0.1 percent.  

Installment pay plan for back taxes 

Payment of back taxes should start per 1 January 2021. You'll receive a 24-month installment pay plan from the Dutch tax office for paying back taxes related to the special tax payment delay application.