Online automatic direct debit available for provisional tax

February 22, 2024

In a bid to enhance user convenience, individuals can now apply for automatic direct debit online for their provisional tax assessments.

Individuals can submit their requests through the Payment Overview section on the website of the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). This overview facilitates swift and straightforward digital management of financial matters. Now, a digital direct debit authorization has been incorporated. With this authorization, individuals can arrange for the automatic deduction of owed amounts by the Dutch tax office. 

Reducing errors

Currently, online applications are only feasible for provisional assessments for income tax and healthcare insurance contributions. The motor vehicle tax will be included later this year. 

Previously, citizens had to request this authorization via a paper-based form, a process prone to more work, paper consumption, and errors. Through digital applications, data is instantly and accurately integrated into the systems. A new authorization for the provisional assessment must be requested annually, whether through written or digital means.

Enhancing payment convenience

Upon online authorization, a confirmation will appear in the online overview. Additionally, the applicant will receive a written confirmation within 10 days. Termination of automatic direct debit cannot yet be done through the online overview. For this, individuals can call the Belastingtelefoon (0800 - 0543). However, in the case of a modified provisional assessment, a new authorization can generally be requested through the portal. 

With the Payment Overview, individuals, entrepreneurs, and intermediaries can conveniently manage tax affairs in one place. The platform continues to evolve, adding more tax resources and functionalities to better serve the public.