STAP budget open for one last time

November 14, 2023

Wednesday, November 15, the STAP counter will open for the last time. At 10 AM, interested parties can register for training through UWV's enrolment portal. As in the previous round, 10 million euros is available for OCW-accredited training and parts thereof. Because the need for lifelong development remains, the remaining STAP funds of over 73 million euros will be used for a new temporary scheme for individual training.

Continuing to learn and develop is indispensable for the sustainable employability of workers, and the earning capacity of employers. Currently, at the request of the House of Representatives, it is being investigated how the remaining 73 million euros can be used to subsidize training within socially crucial sectors for the next four years. This will require time and diligence. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment aims to provide more clarity in the first quarter of 2024.

The end of the STAP budget was one of the austerity measures from the Spring Decision earlier this year. In making the difficult choice of austerity measures, the cabinet took into account that adverse purchasing power effects for people had to be avoided as much as possible.

To apply for your STAP budget please go to the UWV portal.