Temporarily no visit needed when requesting a Dutch tax ID number  

At This Time foreign employees may not be able to visit the municipality to request their Dutch tax ID number (“burgerservicenummer” or “BSN”). Normally a meeting with the municipality in the Netherlands, in person, is required.   

We are happy to assist you with a written request to the authorized Dutch Tax Authorities office. Provide us with the reason why you need a Dutch tax ID number (usually for work purposes) and add a copy of a valid ID, your address abroad and telephone number, for the DTA.  

Lastly, the authorities will also require a (copy) of a recent residence statement, validated by your local government (in Dutch, English or German). It may not be older than 6 months.  


Should your local government does not provide such statement, please do let us know as there are other ways to proof your residency abroad.