Hello Americans in the Netherlands

Filing your U.S. tax return

It is time to file your U.S tax return! Protect yourself from fines and make sure you have all repayments and benefits you are owed. There are just weeks to the deadline.

Stimulus Payment

Have you received your corona stimilus payment? Some of these payments have been lost in the post. If you have not had your $1,400 for 2021, file a U.S tax return and claim a refund.

Child Tax Credit

Each year you are entitled to a child credit if your income is below the threshold. Do you need to claim this?

Advance Child Tax Credit

An extra $1,000 corona payment was only for U.S residents. Did you get this by mistake? File your return to rectify and avoid fines.

Are you an 'accidental' American?

If you have not files your U.S returns yet, then it is time to act! Get in touch with us and we can guide you through the streamlined procedure, with no penalties due.

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