U.S. Expat Tax Consultation Meeting

Speak directly with an experienced U.S. tax specialist! You can now schedule a U.S. Expat Tax Consultation meeting to discuss your personal U.S. tax situation.

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During the meeting, your personal tax situation will be analyzed to learn which solution fits your need best. Typical topics include:

  • How to resolve tax and penalty obligations with the IRS
  • Determining your tax status
  • Tax filing delinquency
  • Amended tax return
  • FBAR penalties
  • State tax filing requirements
  • Tax filing requirements for overseas business owners
  • Certificate of coverage (A1 statement) requirements

About the meeting

The U.S. Expat Tax Consultation meeting lasts about 45 minutes. The meetings are conducted online. 

How to initiate a meeting

Sign up free for a MyBlue Page account. Contact Blue Umbrella, to receive an invitation and payment instructions. Upon receiving the meeting fee, you will receive a link that allows you to book a meeting at a date and time of your choosing. 

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