STAP budget modified

The STAP budget will continue in modified form for the rest of 2023. Starting September 18, the counter will reopen.

As a result of a motion in the House of Representatives, the experiences with previous rounds, and the cutbacks in the STAP budget, the remaining funds will be used in a more targeted way, which is why this subsidy can only be applied for (parts of) OCW-recognized courses. As a result, although there are fewer courses available than in the previous rounds, they are more in line with the labor market. The budget for the upcoming application period is ten million euros. Anyone interested can again apply for up to a thousand euro subsidy for training and development. The next round will start on November 15.

Social Affairs and Employment Minister Van Gennip: " The need for lifelong development remains great. The Netherlands is facing major social challenges, such as climate change and healthcare. This requires well-trained people. The new round of the STAP budget will therefore be used more specifically for crucial shortage sectors such as healthcare, technology, and the process industry. The STAP budget offers the opportunity to improve your position in the labor market through training. It is important that people have control over their own development, and I remain committed to that."

Offered Studies

The decision to offer only OCW-accredited degree programs follows in part a motion passed in the House of Representatives. The OCW-accredited courses are focused on occupation and have a statutory quality framework. By only offering these courses, the government wants to use the remaining STAP-budget more efficiently for training that prepares for the job market. The offer can be found via the training register of the application portal ( or easily viewed via In addition to full multi-year programs, components such as certificates and minors will also be offered.