Blue Payroll

Get payroll tax support for your international staff


Blue Umbrella provides an online secure and personal portal to each of your staff members. Unlimited support, directly accessible by phone, e-mail or website relieves your Human Resources department from many - and often broad - queries from your staff. 

In order to help your international staff to stay compliant with the Dutch tax rules and regulations. We have a broad set of tax services, which include among others, the following features:

  • online payroll administration
  • online HR administration support
  • income tax return filing
  • provisional income tax return
  • handling  of all types of income tax return filings (P, M, C)
  • handling of 30 percent ruling applications
  • handling of motor tax
  • handling of all correspondence with the Dutch Tax Office
  • lodging of appeal with the Dutch Tax Office
  • handling of all allowances
  • dealing with various benefits arrangements

Blue Umbrella has a long and established partnership with the Dutch Tax Office. We work directly with various tax units. In partnership with various metropolitan expat centers we help international clients to settle quickly. Contact us for more information.

Tax support for your international staff