If you incurred expenses for a medical condition or disability you may apply for the Caring Tax rebate (aftrek zorgkosten). Expenses that are already reimbursed to you or expenses that are covered by your insurance are not eligible for the caring tax rebate. 

Eligible Caring Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for the Caring Tax Rebate:

  • Nursing expenses in a hospital or nursing home
  • GP, family doctors, physiotherapist, medical specialist
  • Medical treatment under supervision of a medical doctor or paramedicus
  • IVF treatment if younger than 43 years
  • Prescription drugs (including homeopathic)
  • Arch supports
  • Hearing aids
  • Adjustment/modifications to home equipment
  • Transportation expenses to medical specialist or treatment center
  • Increased travel expenses due to illness or handicap
  • Travel expenses for patient visits
  • Prescribed diet, home care hiring, extra clothing and linen

Applying for the Caring Tax Rebate

Applying for the Caring Tax Rebate is done through a regular income tax return filing. For example, if you incurred caring expenses in 2019, you can include these in your income tax return filing for 2019. The Caring Tax Rebate is paid separately from the standard Dutch tax assessment. You'll receive the regular tax assessment first. The Caring Tax Rebate is paid subsequently after you receive the separate Caring Tax Rebate assessment.