Study Costs Tax Rebate

Expenses related to study or education aimed at improving your professional skills or position on the labor market were tax refundable till 2022. From 2022 and on, study costs are no longer qualified for tax rebate

If you were eligible for a stipendium you cannot reclaim the study expenses. Expenses for which you received a refund, for instance from your employer, are not eligible for a tax rebate. 

Refundable Expenses 

Expenses such as tuition fee, course fee, examination fee and study material like books and specific software. Note that the costs for a laptop or printer are not refundable. Neither does the tax office accept travel costs, interest charge for a study loan and expenses for a study room. 

Refund threshold

A threshold amount of €250 applies. Refunds apply to expenses beyond €250.

Annual Refund Ceiling 

An annual refund ceiling of €15,000 in refundable study expenses applies. 

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