Box 3 Income Tax

Box 3: income from assets (savings and investments): wealth tax

Income earned on assets is taxed based on a hypothetical fixed return on the value of any savings and investments. Your box 3 liability is calculated on the net value of your assets, in other words, their economic value minus any debt obligations. If your net asset value is below a set tax free ceiling for the relevant tax year, no tax will be charged. 

The asset or wealth tax is calculated in a system of brackets and amounts to approximately a 1.3% tax on assets  for most people. For more information, see Income tax rates in The Netherlands.  

The reference date for assessing box 3 assets (savings and investments) is 1 January of the tax year for which you are filing. If you file taxes for, say, the year 2020, then the reference date for assessing the value of your worldwide assets is 1 January 2020.

Note: 30% ruling holders and their fiscal partner may be exempt from box 3 taxation. 

Tip: if your total asset value is beyond the set tax free ceiling amount, file your box 3 assets together your fiscal partner's so you can apply twice the tax free ceiling amount.  

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