Tax identification number (TIN)

Tax Identification Number (TIN), also known as FIN (Fiscal Identification Number), is a personal identification number issued by the government of the country where you reside or are liable for taxes. In the Netherlands, the Fiscal Identification Number (FIN) for individuals is the Citizen Service Number (burgerservicenummer) (BSN).

What is the Citizen Service Number (BSN)?

The Citizen Service Number (BSN) is your personal number for communication with the government, such as for healthcare or taxes. You receive a BSN when you register in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

Requesting a Citizen Service Number (BSN):

Your BSN is listed on your passport, driver's license, and identity card. The BSN is no longer listed among the other personal data on passports starting from March 9, 2014. The BSN is located on the back of the page containing personal data (the holder page) and at the bottom of the page with personal data in the number sequence.
The Dutch identity card contains the BSN in a QR code and as readable numbers on the back of the card. These changes were implemented as part of measures to prevent identity fraud. The number consists of 9 digits. If you have an identity document but your BSN is not listed on it, you can request your BSN from the municipality.
If you do not have a document with your child's BSN, you can request an extract from the municipality containing your child's BSN.

Validity of BSN

The validity of the BSN is indefinite. Even if you move abroad, your BSN remains valid.

BSN of a deceased person

A BSN is uniquely linked to a person. If someone has passed away, the BSN remains linked to that person and is not reissued.

Business Tax Identification Number

Are you starting a business? If you register as a VAT entrepreneur, you will receive two numbers for VAT: a VAT identification number (VAT ID) and a turnover tax number (OB number).

What is a VAT Identification Number?

You use your VAT identification (VAT ID) for all your contacts with customers and suppliers. This shows that you are a VAT-liable entrepreneur. You put your VAT ID, for example, on your letterhead, invoices, and website.

Your VAT ID looks like this:
  • Country code NL
  • 9 digits
  • Letter B
  • 2 digits, also known as the 'subnumber'
An example of a VAT ID: NL123456789B01

What is a turnover tax number?

You only use your turnover tax number (OB number) when contacting us. For example, when you write us a letter or call the Tax Telephone.
Your OB number looks like this:
  • 9 digits; If you are self-employed, these are the 9 digits of your Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • Letter B
  • 2 digits, also known as the 'subnumber'
An example of an OB number: 111234567B01

Where can I find my VAT ID and OB number?

Don't know your VAT ID or OB number anymore? You can find both numbers in My Tax Administration Business, for example, when you file a VAT return:
  • Go to Log in for entrepreneurs.
  • Log in with your DigiD or eHerkenning.
  • Click on 'Turnover Tax'.
  • In the left column, click on 'VAT identification number'. There you will find your VAT ID and your OB number.