Limited liability

The Dutch equivalent of a limited liability company - a Besloten Vennootschap or B.V. – needs to be incorporated and is a legal entity, responsible for its debts. A N.V. is the public version of a B.V. From a legal perspective, B.V. structures limit personal liabilities to some extent. 

Other forms available for non-profit activities include a foundation (stichting), an association (vereniging) or even a cooperative (coöperatie). You will need a notary to establish these legal entities, and they must be registered in the Commercial Register (via the Chamber of Commerce).

Blue Umbrella can help you establish your company and ensure you pay normal fees for standard work. 

Personally liable

Other business forms are to be a sole trader (eenmanszaak) or partnership (V.O.F. maatschap or C.V.). Under these business forms, owners are at all times personally liable for the business’s obligations. However, they are very flexible and may suit your business best. 

It is not always necessary to establish a company such as a B.V. when you start a business. Blue Umbrella can advise you on the most efficient business structure for you.